Recovery seed

Plate made of premium mirrored stainless steel to store your words

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Recoveryseed plates are made in the Czech Republic from the highest-quality mirror stainless-steel.
The DOUBLE version contains 2 recovery seed plates, we recommend this combination if you have 2 wallets and need to write 2 seeds reliably. Or if you want to give your loved ones or friends our recovery seed plate.
Our plates offer a combination of premium design and maximum functionality. There is a table with 24 fields for your seed on the front of the plate and a sophisticated Bitcoin logo on the back.
It is steel EN 10088-2 with a thickness of 1.5 mm – you will easily protect your seed against water, time and heat – up to 1510 °C.
24 fields are pre-printed on each plate to store the BIP39 password in the form of 12, 18 or 24 words of your seed. The plate material is strong and almost indestructible. The glossy mirror surface guarantees trouble-free visibility of the engraved words.
The back of the plate is also mirror-polished and has the Bitcoin logo with our website.
The engraving pen is not difficult to control. It does not need to be switched on after inserting AA batteries. Caution, batteries are not included. Simply press and hold the button on the front of the pen. The pen starts automatically and you can engrave easily and quickly. Batteries not included
Find security to store your cryptocurrencies.

You will keep your investments forever with our solution!
Water and corrosion resistant
The stainless-steel plate is resistant to temperatures up to 1510 °C
Almost indestructible material made of high-quality stainless steel